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ICBA Australia Partner launches New Top Up Product

29 Aug, 2019

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NCI Trade Credit Solutions, the ICBA Partner for Australia, New Zealand and Singapore has launched a new product. Kirk Cheesman, Managing Director of NCI Trade Credit Solutions said “Our ongoing remit is to understand the needs of our clients, negotiate cover which is right for them, negotiate claim payments and develop tools that help fill any gaps. In our recent NCI client feedback survey, many of our clients said that one of their biggest concerns was not getting full cover on existing and new customers. This was not news to our ears. It’s something we have been aware of for some time now. So much so that for the last two years we have been working on bringing a brand new product to market; NCI Top-Up which all but eliminates this problem.

Top-Up cover is now available through a unique arrangement with Lloyds Syndicate Nexus Trade Credit. Essentially, we can arrange top-up cover for qualifying limits to achieve the credit limit a customer requires.”

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