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ICBA UK Partner – EFCIS launch D-Risk Transactional Matrix

28 Aug, 2019

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ICBA UK Partner EFCIS Trade Credit Insurance Brokers have launched a free service to help businesses export with high levels of financial certainty. Andy Moylan Managing Director of EFCIS said: “It’s challenging for a business to extend open credit to customers overseas for many reasons. These include the lack of statutory available financial information, the complexity of customs, the export documentation required and the foreign exchange risk. It’s understandable therefore why so many companies decide not to trade overseas. But they could be missing out on additional sales opportunities and profit. Our message is not to turn away from export until they have tried the EFCIS D-Risk Transactional Matrix”.

This predicts the likelihood of payment delay and the non-payment of a specific export transaction. It scores the underlining export transaction 1 to 100 with 85 being an acceptable transactional grade.

The score highlights potential risk factors within a specific export transactions’ cycle for example:

As the daily news in both these regions attests, opportunities are set to increase in…

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Andy Moylan, Managing Director of EFCIS Trade Credit Insurance Brokers, the sole UK Member of…

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