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Increased demand forecast for collection services in 2020

16 Jan, 2020

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    Global forecasters are predicting that whilst global trade will continue apace in 2020, running parallel to this will be an increase in debt, with companies from all sectors taking the hit. For a business exporting from Germany to Hong Kong for example, collecting an unpaid debt could be challenging for the simple reason that the collection will have to be attempted remotely.

    Emmanuel Portier, ICBA Founder said: “The ICBA offers debt collection partnerships in 80 countries and a pre-legal relationship in 112 countries. The Partners we work with are multi lingual and speak the local language. As well as the expertise and experience they bring to the task they operate within the same territory as the debtor and they have access to local intelligence and local search facilities. This puts them in the best position to collect an unpaid debt before it goes legal.  The ICBA offers the best, most cost effective and fast collection service. And of course swift collection has a positive impact on cashflow.  Why appoint a collections’ specialist remotely when with the ICBA you can tap into the expertise on offer within the country that the debt was incurred?”

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