Now is the time for companies to actively seek out opportunities to trade overseas secure in the knowledge they have the right Trade Credit Insurance to protect them, delivered by a knowledgeable and respected local expert; one who is part of a prestigious, experienced and highly regarded membership organization.

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ICBA Israel and ICBA UAE Empowering Businesses Aiming for Export Growth

26 Oct, 2020

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    As the daily news in both these regions attests, opportunities are set to increase in the coming months with the two powerhouses pledging a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge, expertise, and technology. Businesses in sectors including Fintech, Cyber Security, Digital Healthcare, Desalination, Security, and Surveillance are working to bring the two economies closer together. Smart Farming, Agritech, and tech start-ups are part of this new collaboration too plus jointly funded research into Coronavirus vaccinations.

    Running parallel to this is the need for businesses looking to export to be equipped with the best advice, market research and financial support. This is something that the International Credit Brokers Alliance (ICBA) Israel is passionate about and likewise, the ICBA UAE.

    An ICBA spokesperson explains: “ICBA Israel and ICBA UAE are ready with a tried and tested toolkit to support businesses looking to export and import. We look at a business not simply from the perspective of a broker, but as experienced businesspeople working in businesses, fully understanding of the different complex needs.  We have a unique local presence and local knowledge with incredible backing from global trade credit insurers and the support of the ICBA which is a global brand we are proud to be part of. With the many opportunities that now exist for businesses to expand and grow due to normalisation, between us we can offer what is in effect a one stop shop.”

    “We offer services which any business considering exporting will benefit from. These include gathering data on companies – the buyers and influencers a company wants to engage with, plus a grass roots analysis of a sector, how it is constructed, the potential and the risk factors. This enables a company to begin trading with a clear understanding of their market, how best to take advantage of it and what they should avoid or at least be aware of. Being prepared beforehand reduces risk and cultivates a mindset for success. Fundamentally we look at the landscape through the eyes of every client. The services and products provided by ICBA brokers should be part of every exporter’s toolkit.This includes Trade Credit Insurance which enables a business to trade confidently  and offer credit terms to new customers knowing that a significant percentage of their sales ledger is protected in the event of payment default, legal services, customer deep credit information, financial services and debt recovery -in addition to tailored advice underpinned by decades of experience.”

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