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ICBA UK Launch Magazine for Fresh Produce Sector

24 Aug, 2021

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    EFCIS, the UK member of the ICBA have launched a glossy magazine: Fruitful! For the fresh and frozen produce sector, with the support of their retained marketer Dee Blick. Says Andy Moylan, Managing Director of EFCIS. “To produce this magazine, we worked with one of the best magazine designers in the business to create something very special. It was important that the look and feel was one of quality and professionalism.

    Fruitful! is packed with interesting content including top marketing tips, interviews with key industry players and special features including one on Fresh Produce Consortium and WT Hill & Sons – two names very familiar to the intended audience.

    “So why have we created Fruitful!?”, says Andy. “It gives us an opportunity to reveal our brand-new Trade Credit Insurance policy for the sector amongst many things. We also launch our free Fraud Forum and share other services we provide for businesses all wrapped up in a lovely magazine that’s readable cover to cover. We think it beats a brochure any day. As a team we have decades of experience in the fresh produce sector. Fruitful! Brings this expertise to light in an engaging format.”

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