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ICBA Israel Shines with Excellent Client Feedback

12 Aug, 2020

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“Every day more companies are making the smart and important decision to join the trade credit insurance revolution that is taking place in Israel. Business owners choose to secure their business health through the ICBA because they receive a package of innovative and dedicated solutions that are specifically tailored to them,” said a spokesperson for ICBA Israel.

And these genuine testimonials from clients support his point.

Moshe Perry, CEO of Sunny Communications, Samsung importer in Israel: “As a growing importer in a competitive market, we were looking for a professional and leading broker in the field of credit insurance. ICBA Israel has been with us for 7 years and is a full partner in the company’s success by providing close and professional service along with a wide range of solutions that allow us to grow with a quiet mind.”

Eyal Lesel, CFO of Shaniv Paper Industries: “The company markets its products in thousands of points of sale throughout the country, in order to facilitate this kind of activity there is a need for an in-depth knowledge of the customers’ needs and tastes. The relationship with ICBA Israel who understand the needs of this broad activity, and on the various customer risk, consequently created dedicated modules in the insurance policy that supported this varied customer activity. Of course, this solution module significantly accelerated the company’s sales and hedged the cash flow exposures.”

Noa Sivan, VP of Finance at Aran Packaging: “As a leading exporter in our field serving hundreds of customers across the globe, contracting with an international entity like ICBA Israel  was a significant step in the process of the implementation of a credit insurance policy. This process supported the expansion of our customer base, deepened our business relationships and supported our marketing strategy in accordance with the target country.”

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