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The Top 5 Exporting Countries in The World

11 Dec, 2019

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5. South Korea – a country rich in entrepreneurs with a significant investment in technology and machinery which has contributed to it becoming the 4th largest economy in Asia with 50% of their GDP comprising exports. Their top five exports are: Electrical machinery, machinery including computers, Vehicles, Mineral fuels including oil and plastics:

4. Japan. As the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of automobiles and with thousands of sophisticated engineers and scholars and, a high average educational level, Japan earns its place as a super exporter. The goods that Japan has exported have changed over time, from agricultural products to manufactured goods, textiles, steel, and cars.

3. Germany exports 525 products with revealed comparative advantage (its share of global exports is larger than would be expected from the size of its export economy and from the size of a product’s global market). Germany’s top five exports are: machinery including computers, vehicles, electrical machinery, pharmaceuticals, and optical, technical and medical apparatus

2. Home to Silicon Valley with Apple, Google, Face book and Microsoft under the USA  banner, the USA exports machinery including computers, electrical machineryequipment, mineral fuels including oil, aircraft, spacecraft, vehicles, optical, technical and medical apparatus. Other exports include wheat, soybean and tobacco.

1.  China.In 2018, China’s most valuable exported products were phone system devices including Smartphones, computers including optical readers, integrated circuits, computer parts or accessories, processed petroleum oils, automobile parts or accessories, TV receivers, monitors and projectors, lamps and lighting. In its top 10 exports sit knit and crochet clothing and accessories.

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