Now is the time for companies to actively seek out opportunities to trade overseas secure in the knowledge they have the right Trade Credit Insurance to protect them, delivered by a knowledgeable and respected local expert; one who is part of a prestigious, experienced and highly regarded membership organization.

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Trade Credit Insurance

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Dubai, UAE

  • Clifford Annett
  • (+971) 4 331 34 94
  • 9 Trade Credit Experts
  • 1201, 48 Burj Gate
    Downtown, Dubai,
    United Arab Emirates
    P.O. Box 487242

What makes us unique 

Our strength is service; we believe in doing things right the first time. Our time working with Insurers has helped us with product knowledge as well as negotiating fair terms and rates for our clients.

Why we are pleased to be an ICBA Partner

Combined worldwide, the ICBA team has many years of experience.  We benefit from international market information, Partner relationships, individual experiences and the expertise which the ICBA has built over the years.

The ARC tool gives our clients the ability to effectively manage their insurance Policies.

The ICBA Team

Alexander Dolgopolov
Alexander Dolgopolov Chief Executive Officer
Clifford Annett
Clifford Annett Associate Director

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    Key facts about Partner



    Downtown Dubai

    Size of team:

    9 Trade Credit Experts

    • Trade Credit Insurance
    • Political risk insurance
    • Debt collection
    • Credit management
    Combined experience across the team:

    50+ years

    The businesses we work with:

    We cover all markets and sectors from SME to multi nationals.

    Contact for journalists to approach:

    Clifford Annett
    (+971) 4 331 34 94

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