Now is the time for companies to actively seek out opportunities to trade overseas secure in the knowledge they have the right Trade Credit Insurance to protect them, delivered by a knowledgeable and respected local expert; one who is part of a prestigious, experienced and highly regarded membership organization.

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New Zealand

  • Zara Mends
  • (+64) 2178 6509
  • 11 Trade Credit Experts
  • Level 1, 1 Stokes Road,
    Mount Eden,
    Auckland 1024,
    P.O. Box 2222,
    Shortland Street

What makes us unique

We are a full service Broker offering complete Trade Credit Solutions.

Why we are pleased to be an ICBA Partner

The ICBA provides us with connections worldwide, allowing us to find solutions for both existing clients and new ones.

The ICBA Team

Zara Mends
Zara Mends Managing Director

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    Key facts about Partner




    Size of team:

    11 Trade Credit Experts

    • Trade Credit Insurance
    • Credit Risk Management
    • Commercial Collections
    • Reporting
    Combined experience across the team:

    50 years

    The businesses we work with:

    All markets, SME to MNC.

    Contact for journalists to approach:

    Daniel Mackintosh
    (+61) 8 8228 4871

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